Importance of Rights in Sustaining Democracy

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Why are rights necessary for the sustenance of a democracy?

To provide conditions essential for the development and growth of individuals

What is one way in which rights protect minorities in a democracy?

By placing some rights higher than the government

How do rights act as a check on the government's power in a democracy?

By providing guarantees that can be used when things go wrong

What role do rights play in democratic elections?

They provide citizens the right to express their views and form political parties

In what way do rights contribute to the development of individuals in a democracy?

By providing conditions essential for individual growth and development

Why are some rights placed higher than the government in most democracies?

To establish a hierarchy where government's power is limited by certain rights

This quiz discusses the importance of rights in sustaining democracy, focusing on the essential conditions they provide for the development of individual qualities and overall growth. It also emphasizes the role of rights in enabling democratic elections by allowing citizens to express their views and participate in government.

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