Importance of Globalization in Modern Society

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According to Claudio and Abinales (2018), how do journalists and political activists critical of economic globalization define globalization?

What is one of the important changes that human beings have encountered over the last century?

What does Manfred Steger describe as 'the expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and across world-space'?

What is one of the effects of globalization as explained by Manfred Steger?

How does the internet contribute to globalization?

Why is globalization considered a very important change according to Bauman (in Aldama, 2003)?

According to Arjun Appadurai, what does the term 'technoscape' refer to?

What is the main focus of 'ethnoscape' as per Arjun Appadurai?

According to Steger, what is Globalism?

How does Steger differentiate between 'Globalization' and 'Globalism'?


Explore the significance of globalization in today's world and its impact on social relationships and structures. Delve into the changes brought about by the internet and its role in connecting individuals globally, as well as the broader implications of this interconnectedness.

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