Impact of World War I Peace Negotiations

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Which of the following countries lost the most territory as a result of the Paris Peace Conference?


Which nation or nations received parts of Turkey as a result of the Paris Peace Conference?

Britain and France

What was the name of the international organization established in the Treaty of Versailles to settle disputes between nations?

The League of Nations

Who were the dominant figures at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919?

Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French premier Georges Clemenceau, Italy’s premier Vittorio Orlando, and President Woodrow Wilson

Which countries were no longer major powers after World War I?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia

Who was determined to ensure that Germany would never be a major power again?


What was the purpose of the League of Nations in relation to German and Ottoman possessions in Africa and the Middle East?

To give the Allies control over these lands without formally annexing them

What did the American writers Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway refer to the young men and women who came of age after World War I as?

The lost generation

Which major event resulted in an agreement by the major powers to reduce the size of their navies?

Washington Naval Conference in 1921

What was the consequence of the absence of the United States from the League of Nations?

Weakened the organization's influence and prestige

Explore the significant impact of World War I on the global political landscape and the aftermath of the peace negotiations in 1919, including the rise and fall of major powers and the emergence of new ones. Understand the role of President Wilson and the changes in the world order following the war.

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