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What is the impact of multitasking on productivity according to studies?

Reduces productivity by 40%

What is the main takeaway regarding cognitive overload from the text?

Accidents are more likely when people are engaged in multiple tasks.

Why is multitasking considered inefficient?

It requires the brain to shift back and forth between tasks

What was a significant finding related to distracted individuals using cell phones while walking?

They were less likely to notice a person in a clown suit riding a unicycle.

What does the research show about people's ability to attend to cognitive tasks?

People can only focus on one cognitive task at a time

In which scenario from the text did the researchers observe a higher likelihood of accidents due to multitasking?

Walking and reading

What is a common consequence of multitasking while walking or driving?

Increased accidents

How did the text suggest multitasking can impact productivity?

It leads to cognitive overload and decreased efficiency.

How does multitasking impact the consumption of information in an attention economy?

Leads to cognitive overload and reduced attention span

What term is used in the text to describe the practice of using a mobile device while watching TV?


What was the impact on Nordstrom's online sales when its website response time slowed by just half a second?

Online sales fell by 11%

What is the trend that will become more relevant over time?

Attention Economy

What is the new way that the digital consumer navigates the purchase process, as mentioned in the text?


In the context of the text, what is emphasized as essential for marketing campaigns?

Customer insights

What is one of the effects of information overload and continuous distractions on individuals?

Impaired ability to focus

What is the implication mentioned in the text regarding the need for marketing messages?

They should be easily digestible

How do consumers' behaviors change due to their decreasing patience levels?

Consumers expect faster and simpler solutions

What happens to our ability to focus when faced with stimulation addiction?

Our ability to focus becomes impaired

How do consumers' changing behaviors influence their expectations?

Consumers now demand immediate gratification

Learn about how a half-second delay in website response time can lead to an 11% drop in online sales, as exemplified by Nordstrom. Explore the concept of omnichannel marketing and the importance of providing a seamless experience across multiple devices and touchpoints. Delve into the influence of social conscience in consumer behavior.

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