Impact of Plastic Pollution on Marine Environment

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How many pieces of plastic pollution enter the ocean daily?

8 million pieces

What percentage of studied marine debris is plastic?


How long can a plastic bottle last in the marine environment?

450 years

What is the estimated number of macro and microplastics floating in the open ocean?

269,000 tonnes

How many marine mammals and turtles are killed annually by plastic pollution?


What happens to wildlife like fish, dolphins, seabirds, and seals when they ingest plastic?

They can mistake plastic for food

What is one of the types of pollution mentioned in the text that affects the oceans?

Acidification of waters

Which United Nations organization provided the estimate about overfishing of fish stocks?


What percentage of global oil production does the shipping industry utilize for fossil fuels?


Which material is NOT mentioned as a source of energy for propelling ships in the text?


Which marine pollutant negatively impacts the habitats of sea animals mentioned in the text?

Noise pollution

What percentage of total global anthropogenic CO2 emissions for 2018 was contributed by global shipping?


What is a significant cause of pollution in the oceans?

Plastic waste disposal

Which human activity leads to oxygen depletion in coastal waters, causing harm to marine plants and shellfish?

Pesticides used in agriculture

What are U.S. water-sewage treatment plants discharging twice as much of each year compared to tanker spills?


Which source is responsible for almost one-third of the toxic contaminants and nutrients entering coastal areas and oceans?

Air pollution

What contributes significantly to marine pollution by impacting habitats and biodiversity?

Waste disposal into oceans

Which human activity directly results in oxygen depletion that kills marine plants and shellfish?

Factories discharging sewage

Learn about the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment with statistics such as 8 million pieces of plastic entering the ocean daily and 12 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean annually. Understand the scale of the issue and its consequences.

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