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What is the nature of the image formed when the object is placed beyond the center of curvature (C) of a concave mirror?

Enlarged and virtual

Where is the position of the image formed when the object is at the focus (F) of a concave mirror?

At infinity

Which type of mirror positioning results in an enlarged and virtual image?

Behind the mirror

What size does the image have when the object is placed between the focal point (F) and the mirror?


What are concave mirrors commonly used for?

Producing parallel beams of light

In the activity with a convex mirror and a pencil, what does an upright image of the pencil indicate?

The image is diminished

When forming an image using a concave mirror, if the object is placed beyond the focal point, what type of image is formed?

Virtual and erect

What is one characteristic of the image formed by a convex mirror?

Virtual and upright

What happens to the size of the image when the candle is moved away from the lens?

The size of the image decreases

What is the nature of the image formed by a concave lens when the object is between focus F1 and optical centre O?

Highly diminished and point-sized

Using ray diagrams, how can lenses help determine the nature of the image formed?

By analyzing the bending of light rays passing through the lens

Based on the activity described, what conclusion can be drawn about a concave lens?

It always forms a virtual, erect, and diminished image

Test your knowledge on image formation by a concave mirror and the characteristics of images formed for different positions of the object. Questions may cover topics such as image size, image nature, and object position relative to the mirror.

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