II PU Computer Science Viva Questions & Answers Feb' 2024

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What is the default access specifier of a class in C++?


What is the operator used to access member functions of a class in C++?

-> (arrow)

Which term describes arranging elements in ascending or descending order?


What is a collection of similar objects in C++?


What is the condition to apply binary search technique to search an element in an array?

Elements in the array must be in ascending order

What is an instance of a class called in C++?


What is the purpose of the TR tag in HTML?

Defining a table row

What is the operator used to allocate memory dynamically in C++?

new operator

What is the purpose of DHTML?

Creating interactive webpages

What is the role of the base class in inheritance?

It provides properties to other classes

When is a constructor invoked in C++?

When object is created

What is the characteristic of OOP implemented using function overloading?


Which tag is used to scroll text from one place to another in HTML?


What is the operator used to deallocate memory dynamically in C++?

delete operator

Prepare for your II PU Computer Science viva with these questions and answers covering topics such as member functions, access specifiers, classes, and objects in C++. Test your knowledge before the exam.

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