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What is the best way to avoid an unnecessary argument?

Remain silent

What happened when the train the person was trying to catch was cancelled?

The person rationalized the situation

What advice was given about driving a car through a crowded street?

Drive cautiously and avoid risks

How did the patient need to be treated according to the text?

Given proper care and attention

What action could end a quarrel between two people according to the text?

Shaking hands and reconciling

What is recommended when facing a pile of dirty dishes?

Feel motivated to clean them immediately

What was the relationship between Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry?

They were good friends

Why did Jumman receive some property from his old aunt?

To take care of the old aunt

Why did Jumman's wife start grudging the old lady?

The old lady asked for too much food

How did the old lady react to being insulted by Jumman and his wife?

She took the insults silently for a few months

What did the old lady request from Jumman when she felt unwanted at his house?

To be given a monthly allowance for a separate kitchen

Which term best describes the conflict in the story?

Family dispute over care and respect

What action did Jumman's aunt take in response to Jumman's behavior?

She decided to take her case to the village panchayat.

How did the villagers react to the aunt's efforts to seek support?

Some sympathized with her, others laughed, and a few advised her to make amends.

What reason did Algu Chowdhry give for hesitating to speak up at the panchayat?

Algu considered Jumman his best friend and didn't want to go against him.

How did Jumman respond when the aunt proposed that Algu Chowdhry should have a say in the matter?

Jumman hid his joy over this unexpected luck.

What did the aunt imply about Algu Chowdhry's conscience?

The aunt believed that Algu would prioritize his conscience over friendship.

How did Jumman view the role of the Panch at the panchayat?

"The voice of the Panch is the voice of God."

Test your knowledge of common idiomatic expressions with this quiz. Identify the meanings of idioms such as 'look after', 'make it up', 'take chances', and more.

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