Identifying Business Opportunities

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What is a business opportunity according to the text?

What are the keys to recognizing a business opportunity?

What is green entrepreneurship about?

What is the primary aim of the organic trend mentioned in the text?

What is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of consumers mentioned in the text?

Which sources are suggested for the power of the 21st century in the text?

Which trend is described as the best 'window of opportunity' due to its global acceptance?

What is the top concern associated with health trends mentioned in the text?

Many feel that the power of the 21st century should come from ______, wind, and geothermal sources.

The organic trend is increasing significantly, particularly in the food sector which has been accelerated by the shrinking price gap between organic and non-organic products. The primary aim of this trend is to promote environmentally friendly and healthy food production and ______.

Social media trends can be considered the best 'window of opportunity' because of their acceptance around the ______.

Health maintenance and concerns about health care provisions together are one of the biggest trends today that will continue to boom in the next decade as the world population ______.

Design trends are how we analyze the past in order to better understand and anticipate the ______.

Green entrepreneurship is about improving human well-being and social equality, as well as reducing environmental risks. Innovation for the good of the ______.

One of the keys to recognizing an opportunity lies in the knowledge possessed by an individual entrepreneur or ______.

IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH EXISTING TRENDS: CLEAN ENERGY. One of the most pressing environmental concerns of consumers is global warming with the resulting opportunities in ______ energy.

Business Opportunity is the chance to meet an unsatisfied need where there is sufficient demand to make meeting that need ______.

In the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1991) while an opportunity is defined as a favorable occasion, a good chance (of doing, to do, for ______).


This quiz covers the concept of business opportunities, including definitions and characteristics. It discusses the chance for personal or corporate gain and favorable occasions for business activities.

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