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What is the main issue addressed in the passage?

The need for modernization of the mass transportation system in the Philippines

According to the passage, what is the current condition of the jeepney?

It needs a major upgrade as it is past its prime

What do the vehicle-clogged roadways in the country's major cities indicate?

The need for more efficient methods of moving people

What does the author imply by referring to the jeepney as 'the king of the road'?

It has been popular and dominant in Filipino transportation

Based on the passage, what impact does the outdated transportation system have on Filipinos' lives?

It consumes productive time and energy during commuting

What is a major environmental concern associated with most jeepneys in the Philippines?

They emit toxic fumes, especially while idling in heavy traffic

What led to the cancellation of classes in Metro Manila last month?

Smog traced to emissions from the heavy volume of vehicles trapped in traffic

What is a safety concern associated with most jeepneys running on low-density routes?

Passengers sitting on long benches are not secured by seatbelts

What is one feature that modern safety-compliant vehicles have, but most jeepneys do not?

Airbags that inflate automatically during collisions

What does the author suggest should happen to the traditional jeepneys in the Philippines?

Make way for a newer, more modern transportation system

The passage expresses a biased opinion regarding the need to modernize the transportation system in the Philippines.


The jeepney is described as a design based on a World War II military jeep, expanded into a minibus with passengers facing each other on two long benches.


The passage suggests that the jeepney has become outdated and is in need of a major upgrade.


The author acknowledges that the jeepney has a timeless and irreplaceable role in Filipino culture.


The passage implies that the vehicle-clogged roadways in the country’s major cities indicate the necessity for more efficient methods of moving people.


Most jeepneys in the Philippines are powered by modern, eco-friendly engines.


Jeepneys on low-density routes comply with modern safety standards for vehicles.


Jeepneys have incorporated airbags that inflate automatically during collisions.


The basic designs of jeepneys have remained unchanged since they were introduced to Philippine roads in the late 1940s.


The author suggests that a newer, more modern transportation system should replace the traditional jeepneys in the Philippines.


Test your ability to identify biased or unbiased statements with this quiz. Read the given statement and determine if it presents a biased or unbiased view.

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