ICAO Codes for International Airports Quiz

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What is the ICAO Location for London Heathrow?

Which city is served by the airport with the ICAO Location code CYVR?

Identify the airport associated with the ICAO Location code KLAX.

Which airport is represented by the ICAO Location ANAU?

What is the ICAO Location for Dubai International Airport?

Which airport in Japan has the code RJAA?

What is the airport code for Jeju in South Korea?

Identify the airport code for Vladivostok in Russia.

Which airport in India has the code VIDP?

What airport in Australia has the code YSSY?

Identify the airport with the code ZSPD in China.


Test your knowledge of international airport locations by matching the ICAO codes with their respective cities. From Nauru to New York, Frankfurt to Dubai, see how many you can correctly identify!

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