I-Thou Communication and Genuine Relationships

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In I-Thou communication, what is the main difference compared to I-It communication?

Treating others as unique human beings

What does 'seeming' in communication involve?

Managing one's image carefully

What is the key characteristic of I-It Communication as described in the text?

Treating others as objects

Why are I-Thou relationships considered rare and special according to the text?

Due to the fear of revealing oneself totally

What does interpersonal communication involve according to the provided text?

Acknowledging the existence of others

How does Martin Buber's concept of interpersonal communication differ from impersonal communication?

Acknowledging and affirming the humanity of others

Explore the concept of I-Thou communication according to Martin Buber, where individuals are seen as unique beings and relationships are based on authenticity and acceptance. Learn about the importance of discarding facades and embracing genuine interactions in order to become fully human.

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