Hussain Al Hajri

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Dear Salwa, Hi. I hope you are doing well at your school. How are you doing with your project so far Well, I'm writing to tell you about my project. I'm going to write about an Omani great thinker. His name is Hussain Al Hajri. Have you heard about him. He was born in 1966 in Bidiya, Sharqiya Governorate. He is a great painter who thinks a lot about nature before drawing. He turns every piece of land into a beautiful work of art. His paintings also include pictures of mosques, museums and mountains from all over the Sultanate. Hussain Al Hajri won many prizes, such as the 1st Prize from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage competition in1988 and the 1st prize at the Sharqiya competition in 1989. He also won the 2nd prize from the General Organization for Youth Sports and Culture Activities competition in 1993. That's what I have found about him in the internet. I couldn't finish my project because I need some pictures. I wish you could help me to find some pictures for my project. That.

Where was Hussain Al Hajri born?

What type of art is Hussain Al Hajri known for?

In which year did Hussain Al Hajri win the 1st Prize from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage competition?

What are the subjects of Hussain Al Hajri's paintings?

Which governorate is mentioned in relation to Hussain Al Hajri's birth?


Test your knowledge on Omani great thinker Hussain Al Hajri with this quiz! Learn about his life, work, and contributions to the art world.

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