Human Freedom: Types and Characteristics

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What is the nature of human freedom according to the text?

It is innate and universal.

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a form of oppression that liberation seeks to free individuals from?

Domestic discipline

What does freedom FOR entail?

Growing as full persons and doing good.

What is imputable to the author according to the text?

Acts that are directly willed.

Which rule is described as 'Do unto others before others can do unto you' in the text?

The Opportunist's Rule

What does freedom make man according to the text?

Responsible for his actions.

What is the difference between external freedom and internal freedom?

External freedom is freedom from physical restraints, while internal freedom is the freedom to make moral choices.

What is the main characteristic of licentiousness?

Doing anything you want without restraint

How does the text define conscience?

Conscience is awareness of God's call to know and do the good.

In the text, what does authentic freedom involve?

Choosing to act in accordance with one's rational nature and dignity.

How does the text describe the formation of conscience?

It includes the role of family upbringing, education, and community.

What does the text suggest as the best source for the formation of conscience?

Word of God and personal communication

Learn about the concept of human freedom, its two basic types, and the responsibilities it entails. Explore the innate freedom present in every individual and the liberation from various forms of oppression.

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