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Which belief system focuses on personal ethics and morality?


Who is the best-known Confucian philosopher after Confucius?


Which faith was founded by Siddhartha Gautama?


Who were classified as 'indios' during the Spanish colonial period in Mariana Islands?


What does the theory of evolution involve?

Gradual changes from simple to more complex forms

What is not mentioned as a factor contributing to tone in the text?

Founding of major world religions

What did Darwin emphasize as key factors in evolution?

Natural Selection and Variation

Which genus is considered the ancestor of both man and apes?


Where were the first remains of Ramapithecus discovered?


Which evidence confirmed the Hominid status of Ramapithecus?

Thickened tooth enamel and robust jaws

Where was the first fossil of Homo Erectus found?


What were Australopithecus known for?

Using stones as weapons

Which type of rocks cool below Earth's surface and allow large crystals to form?

Intrusive igneous rocks

What causes the layered or banded appearance in foliated metamorphic rocks?

Exposure to heat and directed pressure

Which process modifies metamorphic rocks by heat, pressure, and chemical processes?

Exposure to extreme conditions below Earth's surface

Which type of rocks erupt onto the surface and cool quickly to form small crystals?

Extrusive igneous rocks

Which type of rocks are formed from solidification of molten rock material on or above Earth's surface?

Extrusive igneous rocks

What distinguishes metamorphic rocks from igneous rocks?

Modification by heat, pressure, and chemical processes

What evidence supports the belief that Homo Erectus lived in communities?

Evidence of collective huntings

Which hominid species had a cranial capacity growth from 1200 to 1600 cc?

Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis

When did Homo Sapiens remain first discovered in Europe and named Cro-Magnon?

During the time when art first appeared

Which hominid species is associated with the ability to identify different types of media?

Homo Sapiens

Which hominid species is believed to have dwelled in caves?

Homo Erectus

Which hominid species had their jaws quite reduced and a rounded skull?

Homo Sapiens

What occurs when a parent cell forms a bubble-like bud that eventually breaks away to form a new organism?


During which solstice is the day the shortest?

Winter solstice

Which gas accounts for about 78% of Earth's atmosphere?


What type of organisms undergo fission?


Which type of reproduction does not involve a male gamete?


What process occurs when a parent organism breaks into fragments and each fragment develops into a new organism?


Test your knowledge on the evolution of Homo erectus into Homo sapiens and their prehistoric communities. Explore topics such as tool usage, evidence of collective hunting, and the use of fire. Learn about Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis and the two sub-species of Homo sapiens that evolved.

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