How Well Do You Remember Joey's Infamous Shoulder Bag from Friends?

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What did Rachel suggest Joey wear with his new clothes for the audition?

Which clothing style is ideal for daily wear?

What did Rachel warn Joey not to get on the shoulder bag before the audition?

Which clothing style demands respect?

What was Joey's reaction to the shoulder bag that Rachel gave him?

Which clothing style is best for sports and physical exercise?

Which clothing style focuses on ethnic motifs?

Which clothing style is inspired by the college wardrobe?

Which clothing style is based on layering and exotic textures?

Which clothing style is about impeccable tailoring and simple elegance?

Which clothing style echoes styles of bygone eras?

Which clothing style is of creative nature that avoids the mundane?

Which clothing style is practical, comfortable, and safe for sports and physical exercise?


  • Rachel helps Joey pick out new clothes for an audition
  • Rachel suggests Joey wear underwear with the clothes
  • Rachel gives Joey a shoulder bag to complete the outfit
  • Joey likes the bag despite it looking like a woman's purse
  • Joey shows off the bag to Chandler and Ross at Central Perk
  • Rachel warns Joey not to get mustard on the bag before the audition
  • Joey defends the bag and says it's practical
  • Joey brings the bag to Monica and Rachel's after a funeral
  • Joey insists the bag is great and becomes defensive about it
  • Joey leaves for his audition with the bag.


"Put Your Friends Knowledge to the Test: How Well Do You Remember Joey's Shoulder Bag from Friends?" Remember Joey's iconic shoulder bag from Friends? Test your knowledge with this quiz and see how well you remember the hilarious scenes involving Joey, Rachel, and the bag. Keywords: Friends, Joey, Rachel, shoulder bag, audition, Central Perk, Monica, Ross, funeral, mustard.

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