How Well Do You Know the Mujibnagar Government and Bangladesh's Liberation War?

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What was the main purpose of forming the Mujibnagar government?

To campaign for support in favour of Bangladesh

Who was appointed as a special envoy by the Mujibnagar government?

Justice Abu Sayed Chowdhury

What were the different ministries or divisions in the Mujibnagar government?

Foreign affairs, Finance, Industry and Commerce, Cabinet Secretariat, General Administration, Health and Welfare, Relief and Rehabilitation, Engineering, Planning Commission, Controlling Board for Youth and Reception Camp

What were the different types of people who joined the freedom fighters?

Students, youth, women, farmers, political activists and supporters, labourers and various professionals

What was the role of the Mujibnagar government in the Liberation War?

To lead and organize the freedom fighters

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Test your knowledge on the Activities of the Mujibnagar Government with this insightful quiz. Learn about the formation of the government, their role in the liberation war, and their administration of Bangladesh. Challenge yourself and discover new facts about this crucial period in Bangladeshi history.

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