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Which of the following was NOT an interest pursued by George Washington in his early life?


What was George Washington's strategy in the American Revolution?

To strike unexpectedly and harass the British

What role did George Washington play in the creation of the United States Constitution?

He was a delegate from Virginia to the Constitutional Convention

Study Notes

George Washington's Early Life

  • George Washington pursued various interests in his early life, including surveying and soldiering.

George Washington's Strategy in the American Revolution

  • George Washington's strategy in the American Revolution was to avoid direct confrontation with the British army and instead focus on wearing them down through a series of small skirmishes and guerrilla warfare.
  • He also employed a "Fabian" strategy, avoiding direct conflict and focusing on harassing and demoralizing the enemy.

George Washington's Role in the Creation of the United States Constitution

  • George Washington played a key role in the creation of the United States Constitution, serving as the president of the Constitutional Convention in 1787.
  • He was instrumental in getting the Constitution ratified and establishing the new federal government.

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