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What were the main focuses of the First National Policy in Canada?

What is the main characteristic of Canada's political system?

In which two physiographic regions do over 60% of the Canadian population reside?

What is the "Core" or "Metropolis" in Canada?

What is the "Periphery" or "Hinterland" in Canada?

What does the Staples Theory postulate about Canadian economic development?

What is the basis of the aluminum industry in Quebec?


  1. The First National Policy focused on protecting against American land ambitions, settling Western provinces, completing the national railway, and creating high tariffs against the USA to encourage branch plants.
  2. Canada's political system is characterized by regionalism with shared economic, political, and cultural interests.
  3. Canada is divided into seven physiographic regions, with over 60% of the population residing in Ontario and Quebec.
  4. The "Core" or "Metropolis" is where most people live, where the seat of government is located, and where the economic and cultural heart is.
  5. The "Periphery" or "Hinterland" serves the interests and needs of the center, including vast distances and a need for East-West transportation and communication systems.
  6. The Staples Theory postulates that Canadian economic development has relied on a succession of resource exports rather than on manufacturing.
  7. Quebec has a more diversified economy than the Atlantic Region, including farming, mining, and forestry, with electricity as the basis of the aluminum industry.
  8. Ontario has the most diversified economy of any region and is the manufacturing heartland of the country.
  9. The Prairie Region is historically associated with agriculture, wheat, grain, livestock, and petroleum, with corporate finance in Calgary.
  10. The North has a very small economy with emerging industries in tourism and arts and untapped petroleum reserves.


Test your knowledge of Canada's geography, economy, and politics with this informative quiz! From the country's physiographic regions to its economic development theories, this quiz covers it all. Challenge yourself to see how much you know about Canada's Core, Periphery, and diverse regional economies. Learn interesting facts about each region, including their unique industries, resources, and cultural characteristics. Whether you're a geography buff or just curious about Canada, this quiz is sure to provide a fun and educational experience.

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