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What is the significance of the devasva in Hindu temples?

It is the offering made to the deity

What is the purpose of Jathres in Hindu villages?

To organize community events

Who historically built and managed Hindu temples?

Kings or communities

What is the purpose of the Hindu Temples Act, according to the text?

To weaken Hindu society

What is the CSI-TA?

A company registered under the Companies Act

What is the role of temples in Hindu society, according to the text?

To act as trustees of people's devotion

What is the consequence of snatching donations made to temples, according to traditional inscriptions?

Suffering for 6000 years as a worm in the gutter

What is the aim of the Congress Government's attempt to take over temple gold, according to the text?

To destroy temple culture

What is the purpose of paid subscriptions to The Dharma Dispatch?

To disseminate the best elements of Sanatana Dharma

Who was Sri Harsha and what was his infamy according to the text?

A king who looted temple wealth and was beaten to death by the people of Kashmir

Study Notes

  • Hindu temples were comprehensively impoverished during medieval Muslim rule in India, which was faithful to Islamic statecraft and polity.
  • Major legislations in independent India have weakened Hindu society, including Reservations, the Hindu Marriage Act, land reforms, and the Hindu Temples Act.
  • In 2013, the Congress party attempted to take over the gold held by major temples in India, but nationwide outrage caused the move to be aborted.
  • Hindus need to liberate their sacred and traditional institutions, including temples, from any sort of interference.
  • The Church of South India Trust Association (CSI-TA) is a company registered under the Companies Act and owns assets of around Rs 1 lakh crore.
  • Temples historically used to be built by kings or communities and managed by a group of people known as sthanikas.
  • Temple management was subdivided into two classes: the Archaka varga (body of priests) and the Paricharika varga (staff in charge of cleaning the temple, supplying essential commodities, maintaining the temple, and other related tasks).
  • Temples sustained an intricate and elaborate economic system that helped sustain the livelihood of hundreds of people engaged in various occupations, businesses, and skills.
  • Temple pujas mandated the use of prescribed amounts of material, sustaining the livelihood of hundreds of people.
  • Jathres (or Jathras, Jathas, etc) organized in almost every village across India reflect this elaborate system of temple and community economy.
  • Hindu temples are divided into sthirasti (physical structures) and devasva (offerings to the deity).
  • Devasva includes precious metals and jewelry offered to the deity, which cannot be touched or sold by anyone, even the temple custodians.
  • Temples act as trustees of the devotion of the people and the offerings made to the deity symbolize this devotion.
  • The Congress Government's attempt to grab temple wealth is a theft of the devotion and trust of a billion Hindus worldwide.
  • The Congress Government's lust for temple gold aims to destroy the temple culture and lead to the death of Hindu civilization.
  • Sri Harsha, who ruled Kashmir in the 11th century CE, was infamous for looting temple wealth and was beaten to death by the people of Kashmir.
  • Usurping or snatching charity or donations made to temples can lead to suffering for 60000 years as a worm in the gutter, according to traditional temple inscriptions.
  • Paid subscriptions to The Dharma Dispatch support in-depth essays exposing anti-Hindu elements.
  • The support of discerning readers enables The Dharma Dispatch to produce more and better content on Sanatana Dharma.
  • Supporting The Dharma Dispatch helps disseminate the best elements of Sanatana Dharma.

Test your knowledge on the significance of Hindu temples, their intricate economic systems, and the attempts to control and grab their wealth. Learn about the history of temple management, the role of offerings, and the impact of major legislations on Hindu society. Explore key facts and trivia related to temple culture and the importance of preserving it. Take this quiz to discover more about the sacred and traditional institutions of Hinduism and the need to protect them from interference.

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