How much do you know about animal migration?

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What is animal migration?

What makes an animal movement a true migration?

How can migrations be studied?

What is the longest migration journey of any bird?

How many fish species migrate between saltwater and freshwater?

Which mammal has one of the longest terrestrial migrations on the planet?

Which reptile migrates long distances to breed?

How do scientists gather observations of animal migration?

What are the most common forms of animal migration?


Animal Migration: A Seasonal Movement of Animals

  • Animal migration is the long-distance movement of individual animals, usually on a seasonal basis, and is found in all major animal groups.
  • To be counted as a true migration, the movement of the animals should be an annual or seasonal occurrence, or a major habitat change as part of their life, and some traditional forms of human migration fit this pattern.
  • Migrations can be studied using traditional identification tags such as bird rings or tracked directly with electronic tracking devices.
  • Migration can take very different forms in different species, and has a variety of causes, but there is no simple accepted definition of migration.
  • Approximately 1,800 of the world's 10,000 bird species migrate long distances each year, with the Arctic tern having the longest migration journey of any bird.
  • Most fish species are relatively limited in their movements, remaining in a single geographical area and making short migrations to overwinter, to spawn, or to feed, but about 120 species of fish migrate between saltwater and freshwater.
  • Some mammals undertake exceptional migrations; reindeer have one of the longest terrestrial migrations on the planet, reaching as much as 4,868 kilometers per year in North America.
  • Among the reptiles, adult sea turtles migrate long distances to breed, as do some amphibians.
  • Scientists gather observations of animal migration by tracking their movements using electronic devices such as radio-tracking collars or GPS animal tracking.
  • Before animal migration was understood, various folklore and erroneous explanations were formulated to account for the disappearance or sudden arrival of birds in an area.
  • The most common forms of animal migration are seasonal, circadian, tidal, and diel.
  • Tidal migration is the use of tides by organisms to move periodically from one habitat to another, while diel migration is the daily movement of animals.


Test your knowledge about one of the most fascinating natural phenomena on Earth: animal migration. From birds to fish, mammals to reptiles, this quiz explores the different types of animal migration, the reasons behind it, and the tools scientists use to track it. Discover amazing facts about the longest migration ever recorded, the different forms of animal migration, and the common misconceptions surrounding this topic. Challenge yourself and see how much you know about this seasonal movement of animals.

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