Homework Assignment and Student Progress Planning Activity

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What is recommended to do if exercises 1-3 on pages 36-37 are set as homework?

Ask students to answer all the questions and note any difficulties.

What should students do in the next lesson after completing the 'What I Can Do' table?

Plan a way of improving skills they marked as 'Sometimes' or 'Rarely'.

What is emphasized as the main purpose of the Project mentioned in the text?

Give a clear oral presentation in English about the solar system.

What is the purpose of the rubric mentioned in the text?

To guide students on how to describe their superhero

How should students approach the writing task based on the text?

Write a paragraph describing a superhero individually

What strategy is suggested to check answers in Exercise 2 on Page 35?

Divide the class into two teams and play a game

How should the students use the adjectives in their writing tasks?

Selectively choose adjectives that complement each other

What step should students take after finishing the group discussion activity?

Work individually on exercises 3 and 4

What should be done if students struggle to hear the answers during the cassette activity?

Write the answers on the board

Which outcome is NOT mentioned for the lesson?

Learning irregular verbs

This quiz focuses on setting homework exercises, identifying difficulties, discussing problem points in the next lesson, and planning ways to improve student skills. It emphasizes completing assigned tasks, noting difficulties for discussion, and creating improvement plans.

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