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Which specialization in Home Science focuses on areas like Clinical Nutrition and Community Nutrition?

In Home Science, which area of specialization deals with Clothing Construction and Garment Designing?

Which branch of Home Science would you study if you were interested in learning about Consumer Education?

If you are studying Home Science and focusing on Care of the Elderly, which area of specialization are you likely to be in?

Which specialization in Home Science would teach you about Programme planning and evaluation?

If you want to study about Textile Designing and Garment Designing, which area of Home Science should you specialize in?

What is considered an 'art' at home according to the text?

Which skill is considered important for harmonious interpersonal relationships according to the text?

Where does Home Science draw its content from, based on the text?

Which of the following is an area mentioned in the text that Home Science covers?

What can lead to a successful career in Home Science?

What is the main objective of Home Science as described in the text?

In the context of Home Science, why are the terms 'art' and 'science' used together?

What does Home Science teach regarding nutrients according to the text?

How does Home Science contribute to achieving a harmonious whole in a home environment?

Which term best describes Home Science based on the text?

What is the primary aim of Home Science according to the text?


Test your knowledge on selecting nutritious dishes and effectively communicating with family members. Learn about the art of Home Science and its role in fostering harmonious relationships and a happy life.

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