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What does the Holy Spirit teach believers?

What does 'enlighten' mean based on the text?

How does the Holy Spirit enlighten believers according to the text?

What does the Holy Spirit empower believers to do?

What does the Holy Spirit give believers according to the text?

What do believers attribute inner prompts to, as mentioned in the text?

What do believers feel when following the inner voice mentioned in the text?

Why do believers follow the inner voice for decision-making according to the text?

What is one of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit's empowerment in difficult situations?

How is the lack of spiritual insight described in relation to understanding scriptures?

What does the presence of the Holy Spirit allow believers to do with regards to scriptures?

Which experience is commonly associated with believers who are guided by the Holy Spirit in decision-making?

What effect does the Holy Spirit's empowerment have on one's understanding of scriptures?

What does the gift of peace from the Holy Spirit provide believers in challenging times?


  • The Holy Spirit teaches believers the things of God and enlightens them with wisdom, understanding, and revelation.
  • Believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a godly life, do God's will, know God better, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit provides peace in difficult situations, wisdom in understanding scriptures, and guidance in decision-making.
  • Empowerment through the Holy Spirit includes experiencing calmness, tranquility, and assurance in turmoil, discerning scriptural truths clearly, and receiving inner guidance for making decisions aligned with God's calling.
  • Believers attribute the inner voice guiding their decisions to the Holy Spirit, allowing them to live more effectively according to God's plans for their lives.


Test your knowledge on the teachings of the Holy Spirit by selecting the best completion for statements. Questions cover topics such as enlightenment, empowerment, and understanding imparted by the Holy Spirit to believers.

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