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What is the outer layer of Earth, which is divided into distinct tectonic plates, called?


What is the South American plate composed of?

Both continental and oceanic crust

What transitions within the continental margin, including the continental shelf and nearby sediment?

Continental crust

What is the non-obvious transition called between the continental and oceanic crust?

Continent-ocean boundary

What does the composition and structure of the crust reflect?

Processes that shape plates

What do tectonic plates refer to?

Sections of the Earth's lithosphere

What does the San Andreas Fault represent?

A boundary between the Pacific plate and the North American plate

What do velocity vectors represent in the context of lithosphere motion?

Speed and direction of lithosphere movement

How do scientists determine the precise location of an earthquake's epicenter?

By measuring the shaking caused by the earthquake

What period of time is considered when analyzing earthquakes and active volcanoes on the maps?

40 years for earthquakes, 10,000 years for volcanoes

What are faults in relation to rock movement?

Breaks in rock along which it can slide

Which part of Earth's lithosphere is moving northwest relative to the other side of the San Andreas Fault?

The western side

Test your knowledge on plate tectonics, particularly focusing on the motion of Earth’s surface and the San Andreas Fault. Explore questions related to the movement of the lithosphere and the characteristics of faults.

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