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What marked the existence of early hunter-gatherers according to the text?

High fertility and high mortality

In which regions were human beings first noticed according to the text?

Middle East and Eastern China

When did the human population begin to grow more noticeably?

After the Agricultural Revolution

What period in history did the text refer to when mentioning 'history shows that Human beings were first noticed'?

Paleolithic period

What was the world population approximately 200 years ago, as mentioned in the text?

Less than one billion

'Why did the human population grow so slowly over most of its history?' is a question related to:

'Rate of growth vs. increasing numbers' importance

During the period from about 1650 to 1850, what contributed to population growth in Europe?

The introduction of the potato from the Americas

What event set back population growth in the third through fifth centuries AD in the Mediterranean area and China?

The Black Death

Who suggested that population growth could be a trigger of economic development?

Danish economist

What was one factor that contributed to the decline in population size during the third through fifth centuries AD?

Flood and famine

What event did not occur between 1650 and 1850?

Europe entering another Ice Age

How did Boserup suggest that a growing population can lead to economic development?

By clearing uncultivated land and developing new crops

Test your knowledge on the history of world population growth, urbanization, demographic divide, and the impacts of population implosion and explosion. Explore key questions about the factors influencing population trends throughout history.

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