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Alexander Cumming, a Scottish watchmaker, became the first Englishman to patent the design of the flush ______

Joseph Bramah improvised Cumming's invention by using hinged ______

New York City built wooden pipelines in 1795 to carry water for ______

The term 'fireplug' originated from the need to drill through the walls of wooden pipelines used for ______

The first modern-style shower, the English Regency Shower, pumped water continually from a lower basin to a cistern directly above the bather's head using the same ______

The Tremont Hotel in Boston was the first hotel to have indoor plumbing and running water for guests, providing eight water closets (toilets) on the ground floor and bathrooms in the ______ area

The French Connection in plumbing was established by King Louis XIV of France who ordered the construction of main plumbing lines made of ______

Alexander Cumming patented the Flush Toilet in ______

The first valve-type flush toilet was introduced in 1738 by a man named J.F., not Joseph Bramah

The city of New York implemented a firefighting water system in the mid-17th century, proving to be a milestone in the city’s history and helping to build it into a modern-day ______

The invention of the first shower traces back to ancient times when people used outdoor waterfalls and buckets of water, not Alexander Cumming

The concept of the shower began in ancient times, not Alexander Cumming

The first floor of the White House gets running water which was considered a luxury back then. The upper floors didn’t have any plumbing until two decades later. New York City gets its First Water Reservoir in __________ (1835)

In 1835, New York built its first water reservoir in midtown Manhattan using supply from the __________ River.

At the end of the century, two underground water tunnels were built. These supply water to New York even today. __________ Public Health Act (1848)

The national public health Act is passed in England, becoming a role model in plumbing codes for the rest of the world. Outdoor Or Public Toilets (1851) Public toilets were not something new to George Jennings, a Brighton plumber, who installed his so-called ‘Monkey Closets’ in the Retiring Rooms of The Crystal Palace. These were the first public toilets anyone had ever seen. Visitors were asked to pay one penny each to use __________.

A foot pedal moved the back brush for a thorough cleaning. The Advent of Showers (1830) in the 18th century, cold showers and baths were used for treating psychiatric disorders. The Advent of Showers (__________)

As American cities came into existence, running water became a priority, but not for bathing but __________.


Test your knowledge on the history of toilet inventions with questions about Alexander Cumming's patent of the flush toilet, Joseph Bramah's improvements, and the impact on sanitation practices.

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