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History of the Olympic Games

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What place in Greece is considered the birthplace of the Olympic Games?


Who was responsible for reviving the Olympic games after a long period of being banned?

A French baron

How many different sports are typically included in the modern Olympic games?


In the ancient Olympic games, what was one unusual custom regarding the athletes?

Athletes competed naked

What is the significance of the six colors on the Olympic flag?

They represent colors from all national flags of the world

What is the symbolic meaning behind the five rings of the Olympic flag?

They represent the five continents

When did the tradition of a torch relay from Athens to the host city of the games begin?


Where did the bronze for the Olympic medals at the Sydney 2000 Olympics come from?

Australian one and two-cent coins

Who was the first African athlete to win a gold medal in the Olympics?

Abebe Bikila

In which year did Abebe Bikila set a new world record for the marathon at the Rome Olympics, despite running barefoot?


At which Olympics did Abebe Bikila become the first athlete to win the marathon for the second time?

1964 Tokyo Olympics

What prestigious distance running award was named after Abebe Bikila?

The Abebe Distance Running Award

Which Roman Emperor banned the ancient Olympic games?


How many years passed between the ban of the ancient Olympic games and the revival of the modern Olympic games?

1500 years

What event did Baron Pierre de Coubertin first propose that the modern Olympic games should include?


Which color is not represented in the Olympic flag?


What historic practice was common at the ancient Olympic games?

Competing naked

Which city was the host of the first modern Olympic games in 1896?


How many athletes from different countries took part in the first modern Olympic games?

14 countries

What were ancient Olympic winners presented with?

A crown made from olive leaves

What is the outer layer of the gold medal made of?

Gold coating

What unique feature did Abebe Bikila have during the 1960 Rome Olympics?

He ran the marathon in bare feet

How did Abebe Bikila's achievement inspire others?

He inspired athletes from Ethiopia and other African countries to win medals

What is a significant aspect of Abebe Bikila's achievement at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics?

He set a new world record

What was melted down to make the bronze medals for the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

Australian one and two cent coins

What is the significance of the torch relay from Athens to the host city?

It's a symbol of the Olympic Games

Why is Abebe Bikila's achievement at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics more remarkable?

Because he had an operation six weeks earlier

Learn about the origins and history of the Olympic Games, starting from its birthplace in ancient Greece to its revival centuries later. Explore how this major sporting event has evolved over time.

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