History of the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication

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What communications protocol was established prior to the official birth of the Internet?


How is Computer-mediated communication (CMC) defined?

Any human communication through electronic devices

What characterizes Web 2.0?

Use of user-generated content

How is social media defined?

Sharing ideas and information through digital networks

What is a common feature of social media platforms?

Liking, sharing, comments, and discussion functionalities

Which platforms are mentioned as the largest worldwide social media platforms?

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat

What event is considered the official birthday of the Internet?

January 1, 1983

What is the main characteristic of Web 2.0 websites and applications?

Use of user-generated content

How many people worldwide use social media according to the text?

Over 4.7 billion

What does Computer-mediated communication (CMC) involve?

Human communication through electronic devices

In what way do social media platforms typically encourage engagement?

Likes, shares, comments, and discussion

What is a significant drawback associated with social media according to the text?

Facilitating disinformation and hate speech

Explore the history of the Internet, from the establishment of the TCP/IP protocol to the rise of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and Web 2.0. Learn about the evolution of online communication and user-generated content.

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