History of Social Sciences

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When did the intentional history of social sciences begin?

Early 18th century

What term has the term 'social science' come to refer to more generally since the mid-20th century?

All disciplines that analyze society and culture

Who were some of the pioneers whose articles were included in the grand encyclopedia of Diderot in the 18th century?

Rousseau and other pioneers

Which event significantly influenced the beginnings of social sciences in the 18th century?

Industrial Revolution

What intellectual breakaway from the Age of Enlightenment led to the scientific analysis of human society?

Shift towards Modernity discourses

Which philosopher had theorized on topics like social roles long before the formalization of social sciences?


What was a significant challenge to Enlightenment philosophy around the start of the 20th century?

'Substitution of mathematics studies'

Explore the origins and development of social sciences, from its roots in Western philosophy to the interdisciplinary nature today. Learn about key figures, theories, and methodologies that have shaped the field over time.

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