History of Soccer

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10 Questions

What is the origin of soccer?

How far back do Chinese 'football' games date?

What material was the ball made of in the Middle Age soccer game 'Mob soccer'?

What was the characteristic of teams in the Middle Age 'Mob soccer' game?

How did the Ancient Greeks and Romans use football games?

What was the game called that once flourished in South and Central America?

In Middle Age 'Mob soccer', what was the characteristic of the teams?

What material was used to make the ball in the Middle Age 'Mob soccer' game?

Which ancient civilization played 'football' games dating back 3000 years ago?

Where did modern day soccer start?


Explore the origins and early history of soccer from various cultures and civilizations, including the Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ancient Greek, Persian, and Viking. Learn about the ancient ball games and the evolution of soccer through time.

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