History of Political Thought: Aristotle's Life and Influence

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Where was Aristotle born?

At what age did Aristotle migrate to Athens?

Which school did Aristotle establish in 334 BC?

What did Aristotle teach Alexander the Great and his friends?

Which area of knowledge is Aristotle known as the founder of?

How long did Aristotle study at Plato's school, the Academy?

What is Aristotle's concept of Eudaimonia?

According to Aristotle, what is teleology?

According to Aristotle, what is 'Arete'?

In Aristotle's political thought, what is 'Polity'?

According to Aristotle, what is the foundation of the state?

What did Aristotle believe is the best way to understand why things are the way they are?

'Polity' in Aristotle's political thought is characterized by which type of rule?

What did Aristotle consider as the highest human good?

According to Aristotle, what is 'Teleology' based on?


Test your knowledge of Aristotle's early life, connections with Macedonians, migration to Athens, and his role as a tutor to Alexander the Great. Explore his studies at the Academy of Plato and his contributions to philosophy and logic.

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