History of Photography: Unit 5 and Unit 1

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Who took the photograph titled 'View from his window at Le Gras'?

Which photographer created a photograph of the 'Latticed Window at Lacock Abbey' in 1835?

In which year did Anna Atkins create 'Photographs of British Algae'?

Who is known for the photograph 'Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man'?

What was the purpose of the camera lucida as described in the text?

What did Talbot believe photography would be particularly useful for?

Which of the following best describes 'The Pencil of Nature' by Talbot?

In which of the following ways did Talbot use photography in 'The Open Door'?

What was the primary purpose of using a daguerreotype in early photography?

How was a daguerreotype plate prepared before being exposed in the camera obscura?

What distinguished the calotype from the daguerreotype in early photography?

After exposure to light in a camera obscura, what process helped produce a visible image on a daguerreotype plate?


Test your knowledge on the history of photography with questions about camera clubs, Kodak Camera, Brownie Camera, early photographers like Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, Daguerre, and Joseph Saxton. Explore the origins and early reception of photography through different image types like Heliograph and Daguerreotype.

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