History of Photography

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Who is credited with creating the first pinhole camera?

Which chemical did Joseph Nicéphore Niépce initially use to create the first permanent photograph?

Who pioneered photographic film and created the first affordable camera?

What was the initial name of the camera created by George Eastman?

Who took the very first photograph in 1826?

What did the first pinhole camera use to focus an image?

What did William Henry Fox Talbot create in 1834, which he called a 'photogenic drawing'?

What type of image did Talbot create in 1835, which could be used to create lots of copies?

What type of photographic system did Talbot develop over the following years?

When did digital cameras become popular and start to replace the calotype system?


Test your knowledge of the history and development of photography, from the first photograph to the invention of reproducible images. Explore the evolution of this important medium and its impact on visual documentation.

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