History of Painting Mediums in the 20th Century

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Which medium of visual arts is commonly used by many well-known Filipino painters?

In which province was the woodland nymph of Mount Makiling, a subject of many Filipino painters, located?

What is the most familiar type of painting done by Filipino painters using oils?

Why does oil painting have some disadvantages according to the text?

What is one characteristic of the indirect method of oil painting mentioned in the text?

From what sources can pigments used in oil painting come from according to the text?

Which medium is pastel most closely resemble?

What is the preparation for making opaque watercolor 'gouache'?

Who are some of the painters mentioned in the text that covered Italian churches with fresco paintings?

What does 'fresco' mean in Italian?

What is the main disadvantage of fresco painting mentioned in the text?

Which type of watercolor is made by grinding opaque colors with water?

Which Filipino painter is known for his rural landscapes and his famous painting 'The Invasion of Limahong'?

Who is the Filipino painter recognized for his vibrant and colorful abstract works that depict Filipino folk culture?

Which Filipino painter is renowned for his paintings that combine cubism and surrealism, creating powerful and emotional artworks?

Who is the Filipino painter known for his mastery in portraying the Philippine rural life and landscapes with a warm color palette?

Which Filipino painter is associated with the 'Thirteen Moderns' group and is known for his harmonious use of colors and themes reflecting Filipino traditions?

Which Filipino painter's works often focus on social realities and portray the human condition through vivid imagery and symbolism?


Explore how the interest in fresco painting declined in the 17th to 19th centuries, while acrylic painting gained popularity in the 20th century. Learn about the characteristics and uses of acrylic paints.

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