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What is the modern term used for the chemical treatment of non-infectious diseases like cancer?


Who discovered the first antibiotic known as penicillin?

Alexander Fleming

In the taxonomy system, what is the highest level of classification that includes Bacteria and archeabacteria?


Which scientist observed that Penicillium fungus produced an antibiotic called penicillin that could kill S.aureus?

Alexander Fleming

What major era is characterized by the development and widespread use of vaccination as a preventive measure for many diseases?

Modern chemotherapy era

What is taxonomy mainly concerned with?

Organization and classification of living things

Which component of taxonomy involves organizing microorganisms with similar morphological, physiological, and genetic traits into specific groups?


During which decade was Penicillin tested clinically and mass-produced after its discovery?


Test your knowledge on key milestones in the history of medical advancements, from the discovery of vaccinations to the development of antibiotics and chemotherapy. Learn about important figures like Edward Jenner and Alexander Fleming who revolutionized healthcare practices.

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