History of Europe

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According to the report outline, what are the theories of world politics?

Who are the editors of the reference book mentioned in the report outline?

What are the five main sections of the report outline?

What are the learning outcomes/objectives of the report?

What is the title and publication year of the reference book mentioned in the report outline?

Explain the transition from international politics to world politics and discuss the key milestones and factors that contributed to this transformation.

Define globalization and its precursors, and discuss whether globalization is a myth or a reality.

How does the concept of globalization relate to the states-system and post-sovereign governance?

Discuss the significance of the book 'The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations' in the context of the report outline.

What are the theories of world politics mentioned in the report outline, and how do they relate to globalization?


Test your knowledge of global politics, international relations, and the making of a global community in this comprehensive quiz about the history of Europe. Explore the introduction to world politics, theories of world politics, globalization, and its precursors. Master the concepts of globalization and its impact on the global community.

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