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Who is credited for the invention of the first compound microscope in 1590?

Zacharias Jansen

What was the major technological contribution of Galileo Galilei mentioned in the text?

Identifying craters on the moon

How much larger could objects be magnified by Galileo Galilei's telescope compared to Dutch perspective glasses?

20 times larger

Which area benefited from the use of compound microscopes as mentioned in the text?

Forensic studies

What was significant about the compound microscope invented by Zacharias Jansen?

It could magnify objects up to ten times their size

Which individual made an important progression from single lens microscopes to compound microscopes?

Hans Jansen

Which invention is credited as an important antecedent of modern computer technology?

Jacquard Loom

What key feature of the Jacquard loom made it significant for textile manufacturing?

Use of punch cards for complex designs

Who is credited with designing the first engine-powered aircraft?

Orville and Wilbur Wright

What was one criticism of the television technology invented by John Logie Baird?

Fuzzy and flickering images

Which invention demonstrated that aircraft could fly without airfoil-shaped wings?

Powered Airplane

What manual labor-intensive device did the Jacquard loom simplify in the textile manufacturing process?


Learn about the invention and significance of the compound microscope by Dutch spectacle maker Zacharias Jansen in 1590. Discover how the combination of lenses revolutionized magnification capabilities in microscopy

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