History of Canada: From Colonies to Nationhood

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Why did the British establish colonies in the land they won after defeating the French settlers in 1759?

Due to the threat of American takeover, Changing British Attitudes, New trade links needed, and Better trade = better transportation required.

When did Canada become a nation?


Name the four original provinces of Canada in 1867.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario

What was the demographic of the population in Canada in the 19th century?

Most people were English, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh.

Why did Ottawa promise to build a transcontinental highway to convince British Columbia to join Canada?

To help convince British Columbia to join.

What caused a shift of workers from farms to city factories in Canada?

New machinery and new goods led to fewer workers on farms and more workers in city factories.

How much did Canada's urban population increase from 1901 to 1911?


Why did Canada's cities face challenges like poor planning and lack of public services in the early 20th century?

Cities were often poorly planned and had few public services like sewage systems.

What significant event occurred in 1903 related to transportation?

The first flight of an airplane by the Wright brothers

Which inventor's creation led to a change in how people communicated over long distances?

Gugliemo Marconi

In what year did the bicycle become a common form of transportation for the masses?


Which new technology made the world feel smaller by enabling people to communicate instantly over long distances?

The telephone

What innovation from 1901 had an impact on international communication?

The wireless overseas message

Explore the historical events from the British victory at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham to the establishment of Canada as a nation in 1867. Learn about the factors that led to the unification of Canadian colonies and the passing of the British North American Act.

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