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When was the modern Bihar Police established?

What was the Bihar Police known as during the British colonial era?

What changes occurred to the Bihar Military Police after India gained independence in 1947?

What has the modern Bihar Police focused on in recent years?

What types of officers composed the Bihar Military Police during the British colonial rule?

What was the main responsibility of the Bihar Military Police?

What was a significant controversy the Bihar Police faced in January 2024?

What is the focus of the Bihar Police's training for its personnel?

How would you describe the history of the Bihar Police's evolution?

What is the main goal of the Bihar Police's recruitment drives?


History of Bihar Police

The Bihar Police is a law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining order and security in the state of Bihar, India. The history of the Bihar Police can be traced back to the British colonial era, when it was known as the Bihar Military Police. The modern Bihar Police was established in 1962, after the independence of India, and it has since evolved into a professional and diverse organization.

Key events in the history of the Bihar Police include:

  1. Bihar Military Police: During the British colonial rule, the Bihar Military Police was established to maintain order and security in the region. It was composed of soldiers and officers who served in the military and were responsible for various law enforcement tasks.

  2. Post-Independence Evolution: After India gained independence in 1947, the Bihar Military Police was reorganized and renamed as the Bihar Police. The organization underwent several changes, including the introduction of new policies, procedures, and recruitment methods.

  3. Professionalization: In recent years, the Bihar Police has focused on professionalizing its services and improving its efficiency. This includes the implementation of modern policing techniques, the introduction of new technologies, and the development of a diverse and skilled workforce.

  4. Controversies and Challenges: The Bihar Police, like other law enforcement agencies, has faced various challenges and controversies. For example, a viral video in January 2024 showed a police official beating a Dalit woman in Bihar's Sitamarhi, leading to public outcry and subsequent police investigation.

  5. Recruitment and Training: The Bihar Police conducts recruitment drives and provides training to its personnel to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve the public effectively. This includes a focus on community policing and the use of model questions for Bihar Sub-Inspectors (SIs).

In conclusion, the history of the Bihar Police is marked by a transition from a military-style organization to a professional law enforcement agency. The department has faced various challenges and controversies, but it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of society.


Test your knowledge of the history and evolution of the Bihar Police, from its origins as the Bihar Military Police during the British colonial era to its professionalization in recent years. Explore key events, challenges, and the recruitment and training processes of the Bihar Police.

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