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How many eras can the History of Assam be divided into?

Which epic is considered as the highest source of the Prehistory period of Assam?

In ancient times, what was Assam known by the name of?

Who was the earliest king of Pragjyotishpur?

From which place was Mahiranga Sanskritized?

Who is the author of the text 'History of Assam'?

According to Ramayana, who was the founder of the kingdom of Pragjyotisha?

What was the ancient name of Assam as mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata?

Who founded the Bhauma dynasty according to historical sources?

Who killed Ghatakasura, another significant figure in the history of Assam?

According to pre-history sources, who was the mother of Narakasura?

Which group of people did Ghatakasura rule over?

Who was killed by the first Naraka King Narakasura and established the Bhauma dynasty?

"Yogini Tantra" and which other medieval text were compiled in the region of Assam?

"Yogini Tantra" is dedicated to the worship of two goddesses. One is Kali and the other one is:

"According to which of the following ‗Purana‘, the temple of Kamakhya was in the center of Kamarupa?"


Test your knowledge of the history of Assam with questions covering the prehistory period, ancient history (4th to 12th centuries CE), medieval history (12th century CE to 1826), modern history (1826 to 1947), and Assam after independence (1947 onwards). This quiz is dedicated to parents and aspirants and is copyright of Assam Competitive Exam on YouTube.

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