History and Theory of Architecture Week 6 Quiz

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Which ancient civilization had a turbulent relationship with the Roman Empire?

What did the Sasanian kingdom emphasize in their architecture?

What is special about the Ctesiphon Arch of Taq-e Kkasra?

What inspired the arches and vaults in the Sasanian kingdom?

What characterized the Sasanian kingdom's concept of grandeur?

What was the primary construction material used for early Arab structures?

What influenced the Sasanian kingdom's architecture?

Which architectural style is associated with the development of pointed arches in Egypt?

What was the Luxor Temple initially believed to be dedicated to?

Which city in the Arabian peninsula was primarily a trading city?

What architectural feature was designed to serve as an open space for prayer and communal activities in the Quba Mosque?

What material reflects the modesty and humility of the muslim community in the design of the First Quba Mosque?

What architectural design language does the Luxor Temple use?

In which year was the Quba Mosque constructed?

What architectural feature may have been added to the Quba Mosque during the lifetime of the Prophet?

What was characteristic of early Arab structures in terms of permanence?


Test your knowledge of historical architectural periods including Neolithic, Mesopotamian, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Imperial Rome. This quiz covers significant architectural developments and time periods.

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