History and Definition of Human Computer Interaction

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What does utility refer to in the context of system design?

The extent of functionality provided to users

Which of the following is a key benefit of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) according to the text?

Gaining market share

What does memorability refer to in terms of system usability?

Ability to remember how to use the system once learned

In Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), what is usability measured by?

A measure of ease

Which HCI design concept refers to the user's perception of how to interact with an object?


What is HCI according to the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)?

Understanding major phenomena related to interactive computer systems

What is one of the HCI goals at a physical level?


How is usability defined with respect to HCI?

Ensuring interactive products are easy to learn, effective to use, and enjoyable from user perspective

What does the term 'effectiveness' refer to in usability goals?

How good a system is at doing what it is supposed to do

What are some of the interrelated aspects of HCI as outlined in the text?

Human characteristics and software development methods

Explore the history and definition of Human Computer Interaction, including pivotal moments and key definitions. Learn about the evolution of HCI as a discipline and its significance in designing interactive computer systems for human use.

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