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What type of media have politicians historically used to voice their objectives and vision during campaign periods?

Comic arts

Which architect remodeled the Malacañan Palace in the 1970s?

Jorge Ramos

According to St. Augustine of Hippo, what is the greatest human achievement?

To fall in love with God

Who designed the House of Representatives building in Batasan Hills, Quezon City?

Felipe Mendoza

What did artists design and build in faith and gratitude to God according to the text?

Sacred spaces and shrines

In which location can you find the Sheik Karimol Makhdum Mosque, built in 1380?

Simunul, Tawi-Tawi

What does the term 'Historical History' encompass?

Significant personalities, events, places, and breakthroughs

In what way are artworks considered historical?

Their truth and authenticity are based on real persons or events from the past

Where is the People Power Monument located?

EDSA and White Plains Avenue, Quezon City

What does Proclamation No. 842 relate to?

Capas National Shrine

Which architect was responsible for the design of the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace/Our Lady of EDSA?

Francisco Mañosa

What is the common theme in historical artworks like paintings of historical events and monuments of fallen heroes?

Honoring noteworthy figures and events from the past

Test your knowledge of significant historical personalities, events, places, and breakthroughs. Explore how different cultures narrate stories about the past through memorization, chantings, and artworks depicting real events or figures. Dive into the realm of historical tales and legends.

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