Historia Augusta: Roman Emperors and Usurpers Quiz

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What is the Historia Augusta?

How many biographies does the collection comprise?

What are some of the major problems associated with the Historia Augusta?

During whose reigns were the works supposedly written?

How many alleged documents does the collection contain?

Who is considered to be the single author of the Historia Augusta?

What is the assumed original title of the Historia Augusta?

Who are the six Scriptores who dedicate their biographies to Diocletian, Constantine, and various private persons?

What is the assumed name under which the work was originally called?

Which Roman author composed a Roman History in 485, using the Historia Augusta?


Test your knowledge of the late Roman collection of biographies, the Historia Augusta, which covers the period from 117 to 284 AD. Learn about the Roman emperors, their junior colleagues, designated heirs, and usurpers through this quiz.

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