Hindi Language Quiz

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10 Questions

What is Modern Standard Hindi commonly referred to as?

Which script is used to write Hindi?

How many official languages does the Government of India have, including Hindi?

In how many states is Hindi an official language?

What is the primary basis for the Hindustani language?

Who succeeded Al-Musta'li as the Fatimid Caliph in 1101?

Who established the Zengid dynasty rule in Mosul in 1127?

In 1105, who succeeded Sultan Barkiyaruq as the Seljuk Sultan?

Who succeeded Al-Mustazhir as the Abbasid Caliph?

Who died in 1111, the Persian Islamic jurist and philosopher?


Test your knowledge of the Hindi language with this quiz! From basic vocabulary to grammar and cultural insights, challenge yourself with questions about India's widely-spoken Indo-Aryan language.

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