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What is the main characteristic of a heuristic search?

What is the goal of heuristic algorithms?

What does the term 'problem dependent' mean in the context of heuristic search?

What does a heuristic search offer with respect to computation time?

What is the primary characteristic of metaheuristics?

Which of the following is NOT a famous metaheuristic technique?

What distinguishes metaheuristics from heuristics?

When can you use metaheuristics after employing a heuristic technique?

What is the purpose of proposing an initial solution in the context of search techniques?

In the context of search techniques, what does updating criteria involve?

What does it mean for elements of search techniques to be 'stochastic'?

How do population-based elements differ from single point elements in search techniques?


Test your knowledge on heuristic search and algorithms with this quiz. Explore the concept of using logic and problem-specific information in decision making, and the trade-offs involved in finding approximate solutions within a reasonable computation time.

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