Hermitcraft Season 8

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Which season of Hermitcraft was Season 8?

When did Season 8 of Hermitcraft start?

How long did Season 8 of Hermitcraft last?

What version of Minecraft Java Edition was used for Season 8 of Hermitcraft?

Where was the world spawn located in Season 8 of Hermitcraft?

What happened on December 22, 2021, in Season 8 of Hermitcraft?

Who were the first hermits to start building their shared base in Season 8 of Hermitcraft?

Who were the three hermits that started a pact to build their bases together?

Where did Rendog and Docm77 dig a 6-block perimeter?

Which hermit encountered Evil Xisuma and became a green slime?

Who built a blueprint and started building a disc on a flat mountain?

Where were all the shops located in Season 8?

What did many hermits choose to do with their bases instead of building separate megabases?

What type of events were organized on the server?

Where can you find all the episodes and videos made on Season 8?


Test your knowledge of Hermitcraft Season 8, the shortest vanilla season in the history of the popular Minecraft series. Can you recall the important details and key moments from this action-packed season? Take the quiz and find out!

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