Herbology I: Release the Exterior- Warm, Acrid Herbs

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How is the differentiation of Interior and Exterior conditions made in Herbology I?

What type of conditions are affected by Exterior Cold Pattern in Herbology I?

According to Herbology I, what causes Exterior Heat Pattern conditions?

In Herbology I, what is the main basis for classifying a disease as interior or exterior?

What is NOT a factor for differentiation of Interior and Exterior conditions in Herbology I?

Which type of condition is affected by an exterior pathogenic factor having an acute onset, according to Herbology I?

What are the common characteristics of exterior releasing herbs?

Which pattern is characterized by aversion to cold, fever, slight sweating, thirst, a floating-rapid pulse, a thin white tongue coating, and sometimes redness of the tongue on the sides and/or front?

What is the main pharmacological action of Release the Exterior Herbs?

Which category of exterior syndromes can be divided into Wind Cold and Wind Heat?

What are the symptoms of Wind Dampness Pattern?

Which of the following is a common characteristic of exterior releasing herbs?

What is the common characteristic of herbs that release or expel external pathogenic influences via sweating?

What are the symptoms of Bi Syndrome/Painful Obstruction Syndrome?

What is the main effect of exterior releasing herbs?

What type of pattern is characterized by rashes, hives, fever, aversion to cold, sweating, neck pain and stiffness, body aches and heaviness, swollen joints, floating and slippery pulse?


Test your knowledge of Herbology with this quiz on the differentiation of interior and exterior conditions based on the location of the disease. Explore the classification of conditions as interior or exterior regardless of the etiology.

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