Middle Ages Inventions

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What prompted the foundation for the functionality of almost every new weapon used in war since its invention?


When did banknotes start being used in Europe?

17th century

What did the Mongols attempt to introduce into the Middle East market in the 13th century that was not immediately successful?

Paper money

What technology paved the way for accurately keeping track of time during the Middle Ages?

Mechanical clocks

What did Johann Guttenberg invent after the Chinese developed woodblock printing?

Printing press

What machine encouraged the development of the fabric and clothing industry?

Spinning wheel

What was one of the significant impacts of the invention of the heavy plow?

Increased cultivation of clay soil

How did Professor Thomas Bernebeck Andersen describe the impact of the heavy plow?

It revolutionized European agriculture and economy

What unintended byproduct led to the accidental invention of gunpowder by Chinese alchemists?

An attempt to invent the exilir of life

Prior to the invention of gunpowder, which weapons were commonly used in battles and wars?

Swords and spears

What impact did gunpowder have as it spread into Europe and Asia towards the end of the 13th century?

It revolutionized warfare and battles

Which term did the Chinese use to refer to gunpowder, reflecting its accidental nature?

"Fire potion"

Explore the significance of the heavy plow as a technological innovation during the middle ages and its impact on European agriculture and economy. Learn about how the invention of the heavy plow revolutionized farming practices and allowed for the cultivation of clay soil. Dive into the historical context and implications of this pivotal invention.

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